Midnight snack

You are probably wondering.. “Why in the world is this chick blogging everything she can think of?!”. Well I can answer that for you! I made a promise to my dear friend, Masha, that I would start taking photos of things that I would normally over look. I made a goal that I would stop overlooking the little things in life and find art in everything. I find it very therapeutic to write out things that make me laugh, make me joyful, make me think, and make me inspired. I don’t have the best writing skills, but that’s why this is my blog and not an english major’s. Sooo..back to my post!


“Kristen Blake! You better wash those!”. The phrase I heard over and over from my mother as I was walking around the kitchen getting blueberries and grapes together for my midnight snack. I walked out the kitchen without realizing I never washed the fruit..but don’t fret..she let me hear ONE more time. As I grudged and moaned on my way to the sink, my mom decided to share a little health fact…

Mom: “You have no idea where those things could have been!”

K: “Mom, I really don’t care. I would be fine.”

Mom: “You know how you like bananas so much?? Well they come on ships from Africa. Those ships have rats, and those rats have babies on your bananas. Think about that as your eating your dirty blueberries and grapes!”

K: (giving in & washing fruit) “hahah thanks mom.”

Happy Eating!

This is a collage of my favorite things on my side table.

1) The beautiful flowers my sweet boyfriend brought to me “just because”. I don’t realize how blessed I truly am!

2) The Kenyan flag my friend David gave to me at Staffers. Every summer Student Life flies a Compassion child to come to the United States and speak on their behalf. They speak about the positive change Compassion did in their lives. Of course, David isn’t a child anymore, but when he was little he was added to the program because of home issues. I was so stoked when he gave me this little gift! It’s the small things that mean the most to me.


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