Kindergarten Romance

As I was eating with my kindergarteners at VBS today this conversation broke out..

Emily: “I like your hair curly”

Me: “Thanks! I went on a date with my boyfriend last night, so I had to fix it.”

Emily: “Oh, I have a boyfriends”

Me: “oooh Really??”

Emily: “Yes! His name is Sage..and he’s HOTT!”

Me: “Oh haha so he’s cute?”

Emily: “Yep you’d love him!”

oh, the joys of being around little girls:)


One of the cutest things happened to me today. As I was talking to my leader, a little boy by the name of Gavin runs up to me. He grabbed my hand, put something in it, then says “This is for you!”. As he runs back to the line I open my hand and this is what I found

A little foam heart! Can he possibly get any cuter!? I like “I’m just gonna take you home with me right now!”

Ladies and Gents, if you are ever feeling low, maybe your self-confidence isn’t at its peak?I suggest you rent a kindergartener. They can make anyone feel like they  are the! I feel like I am the best person ever, constantly hearing “I looovee you” “I wish you were my big sister!” “I love your hair curly” “I want to sit by YOU!”

This may sound silly but it is so true, you feel like a complete hero:)


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