Graduation 2010

I cannot explain the emotions I felt walking through all the steps of graduation. I felt like we were five years old playing dress up, pretending that it was the night of graduation. I figured I would cry the entire time.. I mean I’ve been waiting for this moment for 13 years, but it was so surreal that I had no emotion. In retrospect, I am sad that I did not soak in the moment more. I hope you all go on to be great businessmen, artists, free-thinkers, politicians, doctors, stay-at-home moms, and hopefully..maybe..  future presidents.

I wish the best for my class. We may not keep in touch but forever we will have a tie. We will always be the HCA class of 2010. Nothing can take that from us. I have been with you all for 13 years, and the memories I have gained are irreplaceable.

You have seen my worst days and my happiest days, and you guys have been there with me through it all..I cannot express the love I have in my heart for you guys. Thank you


This song kept was on repeat in my mind the entire night, haha


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