Amanda & Jay {Engagement}

This couple is very close to my heart. I first met Amanda when I worked at Gordon’s Drugstore. She was new and was spying on me at the front counter. She was trying to learn the cash register and what being up front involved..but instead we started talking about anything BUT work. We hit it off from the first conversation. She saw my photos and booked  her bridals and engagements asap! Amanda and Jay make the funniest couple. He is so easy-going and Amanda knows what she wants! I never had to pose Amanda for ANY of her pictures. She knew what she wanted and how she wanted it..made my job so much easier! Besides my parents and boyfriend, I believe this couple is my top supporter! What I miss the most is answering Jay’s phone calls to Amanda at Gordon’s and hearing…”Photography Master?!?”. All my love and blessings go to this wonderful couple.

Thank you Thank you and THANK YOU!

Stinking love this picture and shirt!! He just HAPPENED to be wearing it underneath. He didn’t even putt he connection together. Hilarious.


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